Giannattasio on Opportunity to Design Powerful Tools

We’re delighted to announce that Alain Giannattasio has joined Dorigny Group. Here’s what he has to say…

Looking back, I ask myself what was really interesting and what was fun during all my years in project management and team lead positions? The answer is crystal clear. It was getting all those teams to collaborate and helping them to progress and be successful, as teams as well as individual players!

And what was frustrating or even exasperating at times? Witnessing project failures resulting from a lack of discussion, ineffective information exchange or high misalignment. These failures happened regardless of industry or domain – from car competitions to Enterprise Architecture engagements and from major IT projects to change management missions. They happened even if almost all the time these projects were run with very honest, involved and objective stakeholders.

So, given my experience, the appeal of a group of researchers creating new ways to manage by conversation was very strong. The opportunity to design powerful methods and tools was too attractive to pass up. It’s time for me to join them on this new mission and new positioning. Together, we get to support any group of individuals who want to achieve success and feel accomplished and graceful in that journey.

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For all Switzerland-based and France-based enquiries, please contact Alain Giannattasio at alain.giannattasio at For international enquiries, please contact Sehaam Caselberg at sehaam.caselberg at

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