International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2015) Best Paper Nominee (Best Research in Progress Runner-Up): Hazbi Avdiji, Stéphanie Missonier, Stefano Mastrogiacomo. Understanding IS Team Coordination in Real Time: A Process Approach to Coordination. International Conference on Information Systems, Austin, 2015.

Stefano Mastrogiacomo, Stéphanie Missonier, Riccardo Bonazzi. Talk before it’s too late: a real-time coordination support model for managers.  A 6 months longitudinal study on the relevance of Coopilot and it’s impact on teamwork effectiveness. Study run in partnership with an international medical humanitarian organization, a leading luxury watchmaker and in insurance company in Switzerland.  JMIS, 2014.

Stéphanie Missonier, Hazbi Avdiji, Stefano Mastrogiacomo. Applying psycholinguistic concepts to project management tool design. ECIS 2014 (the 22nd European Conference on Information Systems), June 2014, Tel Aviv.

Flaviu Roman, Stefano Mastrogiacomo, Dyna Mlotkowski, Frederic Kaplan, Pierre Dillenbourg. Can a table regulate participation in top level managers’ meetings? The International Conference on Supporting Group Work (Group) 2012, Miami, Florida, USA.

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Research Collaborations

We test the tools we design within large commercial and not-for-profit organizations. Our past collaborations include healthcare, humanitarian, finance, public administration, luxury goods, and academic organizations. Professor Stéphanie Missionier leads all our research collaborations. To discuss opportunities for your organization, please contact Stéphanie directly