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High team alignment develops a team’s ability to respond in considered and nimble ways. As well as evidence of more collaborative behaviors, strong team alignment translates into high engagement, low attrition and reduced expenditure associated with events such as rectifying mistakes, replacement hires, and how soon new team members get up to speed and start being effective.

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Team Alignment Talks

Prof Stefano Mastrogiacomo, the initiator of Dorigny’s method and co-designer of the Team Alignment Map, is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker. He regularly presents to senior leadership teams and boards at global think-tanks, agencies, academic institutions, commercial organizations and to students on why teams fail and the most effective ways to bring about high alignment. Through real enterprise stories and interactive role playing, he shares with his audience the human motivators for collaboration and cooperation.

Mental Health at Work

Dr Pierre Sindelar has worked as an independent healthcare consultant for nearly 20 years. Through his observation and treatment of clients, he has witnessed the burn-out, life crises and mental upset that toxic work environments can have on employees, from senior leaders to middle management. In his talks, he shares the factors that impact mental health at work and presents strategies that organizations can easily – and have successfully – employed to change behaviors and expectations in the workplace, from bosses and peers.

Team Alignment Program

Our Team Alignment Program is customized to combine an exploration of objectives with team leaders, a series of facilitated workshops, and one-on-one coaching:

Exploration with Team Leaders to determine the needs and objectives of proposed work. Together, we establish primary objectives. From there, we design a full program to transform team behaviors and culture.

Facilitated Workshops to navigate Team Alignment Maps, and create awareness and strategies for contracting with one another, holding each other accountable, how to respond when things don’t go to plan, and handling difficult conversations. We help teams to co-create their culture and adopt approaches and tools to ensure their new trajectory is sustainable.

Over the term of the program, we support leaders and their team members with One-on-One Confidential Coaching. Following workshops, we know it’s easy to snap back into old behaviors. Coaching sessions are proven to support people as they apply their new knowledge and shared objectives to their daily work.

Our Programs are designed to support team launches, on-going intervention and support, and team and leadership off-sites.