Tools & Training

Our Team Alignment Map and Team Alignment App are the results of ten years of research on team alignment through the lenses of psychology, psycholinguistics, evolutionary anthropology, behavioral economics and project management.

For over 3 years, we have designed, tested and refined these tools to deliver an elegant and deceptively simple tool that all teams can understand and activate repeatedly with ease. We believe no single tool can deliver these outcomes for teams better, faster or easier:

  • Rapid detection and repair of unseen issues
  • Higher engagement/motivation of participants
  • More structured and effective meetings
  • Better project kick-offs and improved execution
  • Monitor the evolution and impact of decisions
  • Establish a collective sense of urgency
  • Real-time visualization, simple lead indicators (not lag)

Now you can access our work by downloading the TAM, accessing the Team Alignment App and by securing in-house workshops for your team leads and trainers.


Team Alignment App

The Team Alignment App supports extended ways to create and manage team alignment.

Our app can be deployed for:

  • Very large teams
  • Anonymous votes
  • Distributed teams
  • Tracking and benchmarking

Reporting capabilities are based on the live calculation of a Team Alignment Index (TAI).

Team Alignment Map

Make your teams more productive! Our Team Alignment Map is a simple and visual tool that helps structure the work ahead and align individuals’ contributions.

Example Uses

  • Project start, execution, milestones and end
  • Rapid feasibility assessments
  • Executive leadership teams
  • Project teams, new and established
  • Task force and emergency situations
  • Weekly coordination meetings
  • Stuck teams and conflict resolution

The Team Alignment Map allows you to quickly detect and repair unseen issues due to misunderstandings and perception gaps. Download the beta version here.

Team Alignment Workshops

We offer tailored workshops on best use of the Team Alignment Maps. Delivered exclusively by our team, we take your team leaders and trainers through a deep dive of:

  • The fundamentals of team alignment
  • The four variables of the map
  • Practice of the three main playing modes
  • Practice exercises
  • Live coaching on specific scenarios
  • Guidance on application of TAM throughout your organization

To discuss your workshop needs and request a call back, please email Sehaam Caselberg.